Great Greek Mythology
      The Face in the Pool
        Everyday Jupiter had been going down to the earth. The nymphs would praise the jovial god. Every time Juno(Jupiter's wife) came down to see him, Echo- one of the nymphs- distracted her so she wouldn't see Jupiter. Once Juno found out that Echo had been tricking her, Juno cursed Echo, so that she would never say the first words, only the last.
      Narcissus was a man who was very vain. One day he was hunting in the forest. Echo saw him and followed him because he was so beautiful. Narcissus heard her and said "Who are you? Come to me!" Echo replied "Come to me!" so Narcissus said "Stop hiding, let us meet!" Echo replied "Let us meet!" When Echo went to see Narcissus she embraced him. "Leave me alone!" he said. "I'd rather die than love you!". "Love you" was all Echo could say back. Echo went to live in a cave so she would not have to see him or anyone else.
      Later Narcissus found a pool, and he saw his own reflection in it and fell in love. He died while sitting there. "Goodbye, my love!" were his last words. Echo, in a near by cave over heard this. "Goodbye, my love" she says back.
       And then Narcissus turned into a beautiful flower.
       Moral: This is a story of someone who falls in love and cannot act on it, and someone who is in love with himself. The character Narcissus is the basis for the modern term "narcissist", which is someone who is egotistic, self-centered and vain. This could be someone trying to explain the type of flower Narcissus turned into or the word narcissist.