Great Greek Mythology

Athena the Greek Goddess

        Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom, battle strategies, architecture, and literature.  She was the goddess to worship to when you had a tuff decision ahead of yourself.  Athena lives atop the mountain named Olympus.  This mountain is believed to be so tall that it reaches the heavens which is where all the gods live (with the exception of Hades, Poseidon,etc.).  Before Athena was born Zeus had a terrible headache.  He thought that it had something to do with eating his last wife, Metis (MEE-tis).  He ate her because she was about to have a baby and if it were to be a boy he might take his throne.  He told Metis they would play a shape shifting game.  When Metis turned into a fly, Zeus ate her in one bite.  His headache got worse, so he demanded Hephaestus strike his head with an axe to see what was hurting him so bad.  Then, out from his aching head came Athena Dressed in armor.  That's how the wonderful goddess was born.